Freelance Character Illustrator

Terms of Service

By engaging in any business transaction, commission, or collaboration with the Fantasy Character Illustrator ("Artist"), you ("Client") agree to the following Terms of Service. These terms govern the relationship between the Artist and the Client and constitute a binding agreement.1. Commissioned Artwork1.1 Artistic Style and Expectations
The Artist specializes in creating digital artwork of fantasy characters. The Client acknowledges and accepts the Artist's artistic style and understands that the final artwork will reflect the Artist's interpretation.
1.2 Project Scope
The Client agrees to provide a detailed assignment brief and art description for the commissioned artwork. The Artist will review the brief and provide a price for the work.
1.3 Pricing and Payment
The Client and the Artist will agree upon the pricing before the commencement of any work. The Client will send the payment via PayPal, which can be either a 50% to 100% deposit, based on the agreed pricing, before the Artist begins working.
1.4 Workflow StagesThumbnail Sketches: The Artist will create 3 to 6 thumbnail sketches showcasing pose and composition. The Client will choose one from these options.
Preliminary Sketch: The Artist will develop a preliminary sketch based on the chosen thumbnail, incorporating general information about the desired details of the final artwork.
Two-Tone or Color Version: The Artist will create a semi-rendered two-tone or colored version of the commission piece.
Final Rendering: The Artist will render the commission piece to add intricate details.
1.5 Revisions
The Client is entitled to request up to 3 revisions during the first two stages (thumbnail sketches and preliminary sketch) of the artwork creation process. Additional revisions may be subject to additional fees or require a separate agreement.
1.6 Termination of Commission
If the Artist determines that the Client's behavior is abusive or violates the agreed-upon terms, the Artist reserves the right to terminate the commission. In such cases, any refund or compensation will be at the Artist's discretion.
1.7 Estimated Timeframe
The completion of the commissioned artwork will generally take between 30 to 40 working days (approximately 6-8 weeks). Please note that the timeframe may vary depending on the complexity of the project and the Artist's workload.
1.8 Client Updates
The Artist will provide regular updates to the Client on the progress of the artwork, approximately every 3 to 5 working days, during weekdays (Monday to Friday).
2. Intellectual Property2.1 Ownership
The Artist retains full ownership and copyright of the commissioned artwork unless otherwise agreed upon in writing. The Client acknowledges that the artwork is a limited license exclusively for personal use and may not be reproduced, resold, or used for commercial purposes without prior written consent from the Artist.
2.2 Client's Obligation to Credit
The Client agrees to credit the Artist by including the Artist's name or handle in any public display or usage of the commissioned artwork, including but not limited to social media posts, online portfolios, and publications. The credit should be clearly visible and prominently displayed in a manner acceptable to the Artist.
2.3 Artist's Rights
The Artist reserves the right to showcase the artwork in their portfolio, social media, and promotional materials unless explicitly requested otherwise by the Client.
3. Confidentiality and Privacy
The Artist and the Client agree to treat all project-related information and discussions with confidentiality. The Artist will not disclose any personal or sensitive information shared by the Client unless required by law or with explicit consent from the Client.
4. Deliverables
Upon completion of the commissioned artwork, the Artist will deliver the following files to the Client:
2 JPG files: One with artist branding and one without artist branding.
2 PNG files: One with artist branding and one without artist branding.
1 PSD (Photoshop) file containing the artwork, with a flattened layer for the final artwork and a separate layer for artist branding.
5. Timeline:
Bust and Headshots: Approximately 3-4 weeks (21-28 working days) for completion.
Full Body: Approximately 6-8 weeks (40-48 working days) for completion.
Please review these terms carefully before engaging in any commission or collaboration. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact the Artist for further clarification.By proceeding with any transaction, commission, or collaboration, the Client acknowledges and agrees to abide by these Terms of Service.Thank you for choosing the Fantasy Character Illustrator. We look forward to creating exceptional artwork for you.Sincerely,Zakhele Prince Dube
Fantasy Character Illustrator

Price Guide

The following pricing guide provides an overview of the rates for fantasy character illustrations:Bust and Headshots:
-Personal Use: $110-$150
-Small Business (Commercial Use): $250-$500
-Large Business (Commercial Use): $700-$1,400
Full Body:
-Personal Use: $150-$190
-Small Business (Commercial Use): $350-$700
-Large Business (Commercial Use): $980-$2,100
Please note that the prices mentioned are rough estimates and may vary based on factors such as complexity, customization, and market demand.


If you would like to inquire about my services, please email me for price quotations. Make sure to include a brief description of the art work and/or image references.

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